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This sales agreement constitutes the conditions set forth between My Bella Pooch, seller of the puppy, (hereinafter the breeder) and the purchaser or buyer of the puppy, (hereinafter the buyer), each clearly identified in the purchase details section (attached to completed sales agreement).

 General Information

Purchasing a puppy from us is a simple process:

Before purchasing a new puppy it is important that you carefully consider your decision. We want the new owner and the new puppy both to be happy. We know that the puppy will love you. In return we want you to love your new puppy. Please acquaint yourself with the Italian Greyhound breed before you commit. Despite the adaptability of the Italian Greyhound there is not any breed of dog that is suitable for all lifestyles and environments.

A brief description of the Italian Greyhound can be found on the home page of MyBellaPooch.com and a more complete description can be found on the AKC website.

 No puppy is delivered until it has been properly weaned from its mother.

Before delivery your puppy will have been started on a vaccination and de-worming program which means that by the time you receive your puppy it will have received its first DHPP vaccination and been de-wormed at least once. A certificate of health will be provided, issued by a licensed veterinarian, for your puppy, following a standard examination given to new puppies. It is very important that you continue a health program for the well-being of the puppy. You will be provided the vaccination and health record. This record is for you and your veterinarian’s information regarding treatments and treatment dates. The health schedule you follow should be arranged between you and your veterinarian. It is very important to continue the vaccination and worming schedule for your puppy, including annual boosters.

 Puppy Guarantee

Your puppy is guaranteed on two levels. First your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health when delivered. Second, your puppy is guaranteed to be free from genetic defects.

 Breeder will take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian for a new puppy health screening and their first shot. To validate the puppy guarantee the buyer is required to take the puppy to their licensed veterinarian for a second routine health screening. This way, third parties, your vet and our vet, can both agree as to the good health of the puppy. The time frame for this second visit is between 3 days and 2 weeks after delivery depending upon when the next puppy shot is due.

Upon initial exam should the buyers licensed veterinarian diagnose any condition detrimental to the puppy’s general health or conclude that the puppy is defective and unfit for purchase due to the puppy's general health, notify the breeder immediately. Failure to notify the breeder of veterinarian’s report immediately following said examination will void and nullify the Puppy Guarantee.

 The breeder is providing the buyer a healthy, breathing, live puppy. Like all live animals, many external conditions affect the long and short term health of your puppy such as: how the puppy is treated, environment, interaction, and nourishment. Since breeder has no control over these conditions after the puppy is delivered it is the responsibility of the buyer to assume accountability for the proper and humane treatment of their puppy.

 Breeder warrants the purchased puppy against any genetic defect for a one (1) year period following date of purchase which would render the puppy unfit as a pet. In the event that such a defect in the puppy is discovered within the one year period, following examination by a licensed veterinarian and verified in writing by said veterinarian, which causes the inability to use the puppy for the purpose of which it was intended, which is a household pet, then a replacement puppy will be offered.

 Breeder shall furnish buyer with a replacement puppy of similar quality and value following breeder’s “Pick of the Litter” guidelines. Repaired hernias are not covered under this warranty. Unrepaired hernias are not covered under this warranty. In connection with the above warranties, buyer hereby expressly agrees that under no circumstances shall breeder be liable to buyer for consequential damages of any sort including but not limited to veterinary examination and treatment. This warranty constitutes the complete warranty between the breeder and the buyer and no other representations, promises or warranties apply, either stated or implied.

 No warranties in any manner are expressed regarding the show prospects of your puppy. If your puppy has a show fault that renders the dog unable or undesirable to be bred or shown, that is not the fault of the breeder and is the chance you take buying a puppy. Although a puppy looks promising, show quality cannot be guaranteed. Your puppy is sold as a pet with no guarantees for breeding quality, showing or any other purpose other than as a pet.

 Buyer agrees to assume all cost for the second health screening exam and/or any subsequent exams and/or any services or medical treatments performed on behalf of their puppy. The breeder shall not be liable for any expenses incurred by the buyer. Replacement of a puppy shall be conditional upon receipt of a signed veterinarian's certificate stating clearly the disease responsible for such determination. The provisions of this warranty shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws and statutes of the State of California. The venue for any litigation concerning the warranty will be limited to Kern County, California, under a non-jury proceeding.

 Payment Options

Payments can be made in person, through the US mail or through PayPal. Other options can be considered. We accept personal checks (except when picking up your puppy), cash (in person) and credit card/bank account transfers (using PayPal). Allow two (2) weeks for processing of any funds sent through the US Mail and for checks.

 Invoices can be sent from PayPal to your email for requesting payment. PayPal is a secure on-line payment site. It is used world-wide and is encrypted so that hackers and others cannot gain access to your personal information. This provides a secure venue for the processing of payments. PayPal can be utilized to process payments from credit cards and bank accounts. All PayPal transactions will sustain an additional 3% charge to help offset charges incurred for using PayPal.

 Deposits are accepted to reserve puppies at any age. The standard deposit to hold a puppy for purchase is $200.00, which is applied to the purchase price. The deposit is non-refundable but is transferable to a future litter. The balance of your account, including shipping, will be due in full prior to delivery.

 Other Information

Any and all expenses, after delivery, including veterinary are the responsibility of the buyer. Any time you pick up a puppy in person, we request the balance in cash only (no exceptions). The other option is to have the balance of your account paid in full two weeks prior to pick up. Upon delivery of the puppy AKC registration papers are provided unless other arrangements have been made.

 We recommend that you carefully consider your decision before proceeding with your deposit. Puppy pick-up/delivery will be agreed upon prior to acceptance of your deposit. Additional charges may apply for puppies boarded beyond the pick-up/delivery arrangement. Shipping is available via commercial air to most major airports, ground transportation from our door to your door within the continental United States or via personal transport within Southern/Central California. Cost for such service will be agreed upon at the time the deposit is accepted. Puppies cannot be shipped until eight weeks of age. Puppies can also be picked up in person.

 Should you be unable to take delivery on your puppy, the deposit will not be refunded to you as it is non-refundable. The only exception to this rule is if the puppy you have reserved becomes unavailable for health reasons. Since puppies are living, breathing beings, there are times when the puppy you reserve may become ill, unsound or unsuitable as a pet. We will not place a puppy that we cannot guarantee. If this should happen, we will offer your deposit back to you immediately, or you may choose another puppy as soon as one is available.

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