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"Until one has loved an animal,
part of their soul remains unawakened."


January 15, 2019 UPDATE

Last litter arrived November 23, 2018
((( Pictures Posted )))
(Chase VII and Jack IV - Litter 2)
A litter of two boys and three girls arrived November 23.
  1 puppy is still available.
Next litter due late March 2019
(Visa and Jack IV - Litter 1)
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The Italian Greyhound dog, also known as an I.G. or Iggy is a loving toy breed dog that adores the outside when the weather is not severely cold but prefers to be inside with their owner. They are companion dogs that love to be by your side and are great for all types of living arrangements. I.G.’s will train to a dog door, a litter box or a puppy pad. Italian Greyhounds are smart, have great intuition, are extremely playful, get along with people of all sizes as well as other pets, love to snuggle and be with their owner. They have short bouts of energy and then lounge for long periods. They provide much comfort. I.G.’s are a short-haired dog that hardly sheds which means no hair cut required; just a quick bath with a pedicure (easily done at home) and they are groomed. They are not considered to be “yippers or barkers” as they are usually quiet but will alert when appropriate. They are well behaved around company. With their long legs and sleek appearance they turn heads wherever they go!!! Typical weight is 8 to 14 pounds and they range from 12 to 16 inches in height. 
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